some train for marathons, we train for life

Get Moving, Meet
Friends, Have a drink

Sweating it out alone in the gym? Does your exercise routine need an update? Meet us and a group of friends, family, or co-workers to burn calories in the city's most dynamic neighborhoods. You’ll be accompanied by a highly qualified personal trainer who will not only make sure you’re getting a maximum full body workout through HIIT training (high intensity interval training) but having a blast in the process. We’re determined to give you a lively time on your run, so we’ve curated a pathway along all the best sights and destinations in Cincinnati’s urban basin. Experience Running 2.0.


The Social - Our scenic walks throughout the historic Queen City will put beginners at ease.

The Feat - For those seeking a leisurely run, we’ll push your heart rate without pushing you to the max.

The Triumph - Interested in crushing your run? Let us push you to your limits.

All tours include the following:

  • A 2 hour experience you'll never forget!
  • A 45 – 75-minute workout (including at least 2 HIITS)
  • An appetizer from one of Cincinnati’s most popular cafes, bars, or restaurants.
  • A Fuel the Sole koozie at the end of your run or walk.

Get fit, enjoy company, have a bite, grab a drink!

Check our Parking page for suggested spots to stash your ride.




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THE SOCIAL (hard walk)

Walk the scenic and historic streets of the Queen City while admiring stunning architecture and serene landscape during this 3.0 mile walk

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THE FEAT (easy run)

Visit some of the best sights and attractions our city has to offer with friends, family, or co-workers along this nearly 3.0 mile run.

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THE TRIUMPH (hard run)

Push yourself to accomplish this approximately 5 mile run. There are more than enough beautiful sights along the way to keep you energized and feeling great.



What do I need to bring?

Not much! Just your ID, cash and/or credit card, and most importantly a positive attitude with a willingness to try and experience new things in the city we love!

What do I wear?

Dress in layers so you can peel them off as the weather dictates, and don’t forget to wear comfy shoes! Your feet will thank you! 

Where do we meet?

Check the specific route you plan to run with us for our starting point.

Do we need to sign a waiver beforehand?

Yes please! For the most smooth process possible, and to save a few trees, we would love for all who run with us to complete an online waiver.

Any age requirements?

Although we’d love for all ages to join us on our adventures through the city, our minimum age requirement stands at 18 years old. Special all-age events forthcoming!


What if there is bad weather?

Weather won’t defeat us, so we run rain or shine—unless conditions are very extreme. We’ll give you notice 12 hours in advance if things look too apocalyptic.


How many hours notice do I need to give, if I can no longer make it?

We understand things come up! Please give us at least a 24 hr. notice if you realize you can no longer make it on your experience with Fuel the Sole!


Do I get my money back if I cancel within the 24-hour cancellation time frame?

We want to see you! A credit will be provided to allow you to come back in the near future.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, we love all canines so long as they are well behaved and on a leash! Please verify beforehand we are going to a pet friendly environment following your tour.


Are strollers welcome?

Although we do have an age requirement, we also understand some of you may not always be able to leave the little ones with a babysitter. All strollers (and toddlers) are welcome to come along for the ride. 

Book your run with us now! We schedule our two-hour "tours" starting at the following times. Please note you must sign up no later than 24 hours before your run.


10:00 AM / 2 Hour Tour
1:00 PM / 2 Hour Tour

6:00 AM / 2 Hour Tour
5:30 PM / 2 Hour Tour

6:00 AM / 2 Hour Tour
5:30 PM / 2 Hour Tour

9:00 AM / 2 Hour Tour
5:30 PM / 2 Hour Tour

6:00 AM / 2 Hour Tour
4:30 PM / 2 Hour Tour

6:00 AM / 2 Hour Tour
4:00 PM / 2 Hour Tour

10:00 AM / 2 Hour Tour
12:30 PM / 2 Hour Tour



Also, make sure you and everyone running with you completes our waiver beforehand, so we're ready once you arrive.



Book an entire run for a party of up to 12 people and save—$24 per person vs. $29. We'll give you 12-hours notice if we need to re-schedule. 


Our public runs require at least two people to sign up to launch. We'll give you 12-hours notice if we need to re-schedule.

Whitney Mueller and Grace Goldman


Founders Grace Goldman and Whitney Mueller met in 2016 to quickly form an unbreakable friendship. Grace and Whitney recognized their shared passions, not only for fitness, but for Cincinnati’s local dining and craft beer scene. While becoming more familiar with the Queen City’s new and improved look, they decided to do a little “sole” searching themselves. After hosting several runs throughout Cincinnati’s prime locations, the idea began to grow – a running experience for those who want to explore all the city has to offer in a fun, active and social way. With their background in sports, their education of the Queen City, and their willingness to enlighten others of this Beautiful city, they decided to create an opportunity and an experience people won’t forget!

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