Get Moving, Meet
Friends, Have a drink

Sweating it out alone in the gym? Does your exercise routine need an update? Meet us and a group of friends, family, or co-workers to burn calories in the city's most dynamic neighborhoods. You’ll be accompanied by a highly qualified personal trainer who will not only make sure you’re getting a maximum full body workout through HIIT training (high intensity interval training) but having a blast in the process. We’re determined to give you a lively time on your run, so we’ve curated a pathway along all the best sights and destinations in Cincinnati’s urban basin. Experience Running 2.0.


The Social - Our scenic walks throughout the historic Queen City will put beginners at ease.

The Feat - For those seeking a leisurely run, we’ll push your heart rate without pushing you to the max.

The Triumph - Interested in crushing your run? Let us push you to your limits.

All tours include the following:

  • A 2 hour experience you'll never forget!
  • A 45 – 75-minute workout (including at least 2 HIITS)
  • An appetizer from one of Cincinnati’s most popular cafes, bars, or restaurants.
  • A Fuel the Sole koozie at the end of your run or walk.

Get fit, enjoy company, have a bite, grab a drink!

Check our Parking page for suggested spots to stash your ride.



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Walk the scenic and historic streets of the Queen City while admiring stunning architecture and serene landscape during this 3.0 mile walk

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THE FEAT (run)

Visit some of the best sights and attractions our city has to offer with friends, family, or co-workers along this approximately 3.0 mile run.

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Push yourself to accomplish this approximately 5.0 mile run. There are more than enough beautiful sights along the way to keep you energized and feeling great.