Fuel the Sole’s mission is to help create a balanced lifestyle within the community through health and fitness.Therefore, the collaborative effort, community fundraising and company team building we can work together to make health and fitness more fun and effective! We all need balance in our lives and we cannot forget what’s important.

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Working with the best of the best to make sure you are creating your best and balanced lifestyle through health and fitness.

Cincy 360 Fitness Offer: 3 Free 30 Minute sessions, including an assessment when you mention Fuel the Sole.

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Working with Non-Profit Charitable Active Events to:

  1. Help create awareness

  2. Challenge each other together through fitness - ‘Training Programs’

  3. Make our community better

(Learn More - Calendar Events)


COmpany Team Building

Working with companies to better ensure their employee benefits, by hosting monthly fitness and nutritional information sessions.


  • 1 year commitment to monthly sessions (12 months- themed)

  • Active Participation (Optional, but recommended)

  • Manage challenges within company: weight loss, steps, attendance, etc.

  • Health/Fitness Team Building Sessions

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Cincy HIIT & Run

Workouts that incorporate (3) HIITs (high intensity interval training) within the 3-5 mile run.

Cincy HIIT & Runs will be featured through different parts of Cincinnati; typically followed by a drink after the workout.

Why Run with us:

  • Strength Training/ HIIT Training is important to add into your regimen.

  • Change up your routine

  • Training for a race

  • Meet new & fun people!!

  • See different parts of the city

Workout Details: (HIITs will have modification and variations to exercises, run will be paced appropriately)

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Interested in participating in a Fuel Collaborative, Company and/or Community Events? Happy to discuss pricing options, events, locations or more! Please fill in below, Thank you!

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